Isle of Dread

The Crusade Part One

Crusade to the isle of dread:

Circei and myself arrive at the port of Farshore to seek out the companions who built that city and who explored the isle of dread. Meet a librarian, a cat archer, a necromancer, a “scout” and a warrior of bahamut who graciously allow us to accompany them. As we get back to the inn, the city is set upon by the vicscious and malevolent kopru who quickly are dispatched by the assorted adventurers in the city. There is much discussion as to how to handle this dangerous threat, but no easy solution can be agreed upon.

A follower of Gorhan, a lizardman, then comes out of the jungle to inform us that one of our brothers is possibly missing and tells us a tale:

Noltus of Gorhan went to speak to a village about the wisdom of Gorhan. The village quite possibly was wiped out from heathens and demons coming from the city of idols. He gives us the stone of the sun of the moon may be the key to cleansing the evil in the city. We prepare to go from farshore to investigate the incursion. After five days travel, the friendly tribes let us out of the wall.

14 days out- attacked by two barlugas and two vrocks. Cercei is teleported away and defeats two of them on her own. Shouted Circea and was rudely rebuked by the vassal of bahamut who did not appreciate my zealous behavior in trying to locate my friend. The next day the vassal of bahamut casts a helping hand that guides Cercei back to us.

We meet up with Cersac and his lizardman followers after two more weeks. They are five miles from village of Mitaru, and are waiting for Noltus to return. Two skinwalkers attack which are followed up by 5 people pretending to be Noltus and his followers but are skin walkers in disguise. They kill the trumpet archon and almost kill Tryst. Noltus and his followers have become skinwalkers. We bury our friends and Noltus in the traditions of Gorhan and Bahamut, respectively. The librarian is also cursed by Gorhan as he tried to cast a protective spell, but was interrupted.

When we get to Mitaru we see it is being guarded by winged serpents. They say the village was slaughtered and some captors were taken and the chief. The chief is properly interred when a riddle is solved. The serpents also inform us of a horrible watery demon with bulbous eyes (wastreleth) was watching from the water. Kopru also are in the city of broken idols. The winged serpents graciously remove the curse from our librarian friend and we rest.

We all fly to the island to hopefully avoid the evil in the water. We do not succeed. We are beset upon by the wastreleth at the dock who uses a projected image to cast his spells at range in a most devious, evil manner. We eventually discover the field’s true location and send him back to the netherworld, however not before he slays one of our companions, Ashen. We start back home to bring him back to us to assist us, as he fought nobly.



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