Olman myth tells of a terrible earthquake, of a time when the Fangs of Zotzilaha opened and lit the sky on fire. A time when the Gods wrath cast down their ancestors from their lofty peaks. All that remained were the ruins of a once-great city and a scattering of tribes. The truth of what brought down the ancient Olman Empire is much different. In the weeks before the fall, their civilization was at the height of its glory. Its people had settled a wild frontier, survived a terrible war against the aboleths of the alien city of Golismorga, and constructed an incredible city atop the central plateau. As the Olmens finished construction of a great temple to honor the gods, the koprus of the islands depths took action. For four decades, the koprus toiled in their subterranean lair, cultivating and nurturing the largest black pearl the world had ever seen birthed from a fiendish giant oyster and poisoned with vile magic and liquid harvested from the ruined aboleth city, the korpurs placed this first shadow pearl where the Olmans would find it. Before long, the irresistible beauty of the shadow pearl was ensconced within the Great Temple, and it’s fell influence begin to surface. The religious leaders of Thanaclan grew wrathful and cruel, and powerful storms began to lash the island. At the height of a great typhoon, one of Thanaclan’s leaders woke from his fugue and realized that evil had come to Thanaclan. He came to the chamber of the Great One, where the shadow pearl was on display, and smashed it to fragments, intending to break it’s curse forever. As the pearl cracked, it unleashed the first and greatest savage tide. Many perished that first night, and in a matter of months the Kingdom of Thanaclan had all but vanished from the world, replaced by a prehistoric land destined to become the Isle of Dread.

Isle of Dread

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