Isle of Dread

Crusade Part 6

We find out that the pearls have already been dispatched and are avaiting the savage tide. As we divide the treasure we discover a deck of many things. The rogue gets the void card and his soul.

We find there is a device to disable the pearls in wat dagon. Is there a device to locate the shadowpearls- no. The Fop is in scuttle cove. How many days until the next savage tide- unknown. The location of the nearest shadow pearls- scuttle cove. We know the heading in the sea of the abyss to ooglog who holds Matt.

We prepare to go to the abyss to get the rogue back. We find the ooglog sailing on a massive blood clot. Matt is in a gem around his neck. Upon recovering him we then interrogate a spy for orcus who was caged on the bloodclot. We let her go and she indicates that the prison is probably where she is kept. She was not able to give us much else, as she did not go very far into demigorgon’s lair. We also get a map as a result of a limited wish cast by myself.

When we arrive at the prison, we execute a successful plan to break in, climbing in over the back wall and coming in from the side of the island with a cloud of ash from the volcano. We make our way to where we suspect Lavinia is going to be kept.

There we meet baalsamoth with whom we bargain our friends freedom in exchange for bringing him shahara. We then go to where Lavinia is held. From there we bargain with lillianith for the right to get lavinia back. She allows us to get our friend back if we kill the other wardens which include:

Baalsamoth- Shator Daemondand- Fiend Folio
Cuugulblax- Glabrazeu- MM
Shashara- Kevlazu mm2 page 60
Vathis- Death Knight- mm2 p 36, Lemorax
and a bullywug lich are those we have to kill.

We then kill Baalsamoth in a large difficult fight. During the fight, shashara shows up and tries to kill one our own as we fight him. We then prepare to go after shashara. After we buff we go to the fallen angel’s (surheya) lair.

We then encounter surheya and his trumpet archon companions who are filled with a cynical woe. The trumpet archons take us to their master who tries to convince us the folly of our path after some conversation, good overcomes him and he offers himself to be slain. We delay and a brief fight ensues. He is mazed and when he comes back the librarian casts holy aura which clears his mind enough for us to let him be slain. We still have his feather after he is cast into oblivion.

We then go after shashara, We encounter a pillar and the archer’s face gets ripped off. We then make it to shashara’s lair. We fight 10 vrocks , shas and a demigorgon contstruct. She flees but not before the archer kills her with an arrow to the heart. We then return to our refuge and raise our rogue.

After some rest we decide the lich should be our next victim. When we go to attack him we start talking and he starts to make us reconsider our decision. After a long conversation we refocus our efforts on the glabrazu in the prison.

When we arrive he is ready. He stalls us with his minions while he sets random prisoners free.
One of the first he sets free is a balor. The balor chases the glabrazu. The battle starts to not go our way, so Kabal opts to seal the balor and glabrazu into the prison to fight it out. We go to rest up and come back. When we get back the lich and the marilith decide to join us.

When we arrive back at the prison an indentation has been left in the wall of iron of the glabrazu. We are able to quickly dispatch the balor with the marilith’s help and strategic use of a few maze spells. We then prepare to move to our next target vathis.

Crusade Part 5

We plan to rescue Ted from the arena. We gather forces and go in invisibly. After being detected we engage the yuanti at first from the approaching side of the gate. He is being mind controlled by the yaun ti. We fight a great deal of yaunti, who gradually release assorted monsters as the battle progresses, etc who are trapped in the middle of the room. The fighters eventually get to the entryway where we seal off ted, incapacitate him and depart.

We then head out to save lavinia from gaping maw in the abyss. First, we need to find the pearls and get information as to where the fleet is deployed. We boat to lthe HQ of the crimson fleet and prepare for an assault. Before us we see a village of boats suspended in the trees.

The pirate hideaway is a vile nest of villiany. Tristan conjures a huge storm to provide cover for us as we approach. Upon entering the complex we encounter a group of demons, one of whom teleports our rogue to the top of the tower of ships that dominates the center of the complex. He deftly avoids contact and starts tumbling down the tower dodgins harpies, demons and creatures on the way down.

Meanwhile our archivist, suspicious of where Ashen has gone, flies to the tower. There an abomination casts blasphemy and Tristan is rendered paralyzed. The rest of the group approaches the tower in the meanwhile and is set upon by the pirates in the hideout. Ashen continues to make enemies as he goes down the tower and by he ime he comes close to the bottom starts fighting a retreiver. Confused by the harpies, he is forced to fight the beast. The rest of the group is fighting demon captains, pirates and others.

Jason is eventually transported to the top of the tower by Bob to engage the large abomination. Bob is forced to retreat from its onslaught, while Jason continues to take it on. For a number of rounds the battle continues. A large beholder like creature gradually approaches through the water, and our forces start to feel the press of raw numbers. Yuan ti slavers, assassins, higher demonkind and more pirates join the fray.

Our group thins them out with crowd control, well timed cleaves and arrows while Jason and Ashen continue to hold out. The beholder arrives and blinds a large area, mostly blinding his friends. Ted, who slowly has been climbing up to assist Ashen in the tower has to chase a retriver up ramps who has Ashen in his maw. Matista and Randolph port into the middle of the tower to assist on the retriver and the cold captain. Kabal dimension doors up to the top to help Jason with the abomination. The abomination is worn down on Kabal’s damage shield while Ted and Matista take down the retreiver. Cercai starts trying to come to the tower, but is cutoff by a twelve armed demon bent on taking her out. Kabal pulls her up to the level of the captain with a teleport spell.

The captain is then engaged. He flies to the top level of the tower and attacks metista, downing him fast. The group engages him but he also takes out Cercai. Tristram then comes out of his paralysis and starts healing. The captain flees to his refuge, drinking a potion and getting help from another demon hidden for much of the battle. The group low on magic and healing chases the captain to the deck of his hold and finish him off, then goes into the hold and barely kills the demon. We then prepare to locate information and restore our friends.

Crusade Part 4

We kill the leech and his assasins after a long fight. We do not find Ted however we get our gold back. We find a good number of items and kraken porn. We go back to the violated ogre and look for the dandy (Archibald) who took a portion of our money. We ask Borsh, the owner of the inn after some discussion. We get little information as Borsh does not know. We find out information about Kedward Bone, a mage in town that can help.

We choose to go to Tyrlandia to get information and spells. We present her with the kraken porn and she is amenable to giving us some information. She lets us know that the coil perhaps took our friends when they sought refuge at the Leech’s den. She says she has no love lost for the snakes. The paladin enters into a pact with Tyrlandia in exchange for information of sisters of lamentation. The birdcage are where the sisters are, and it may be advantageous. A
letter to representative at the consortium named Basil, introductory letter to fightmaster given to us. She gives us contact name to protectorate as well Rusty Shunt- Lars Lancaster.

We then go to the Rusty Shunt to meet the Protectorate. We are told to come back in five hours, then someone will talk to us. From there we see the sisters, three harpies who control a bordello. Our friend randolph is captured here in a cage. We pick a fight with the harpies and dispose of two of them. The remaining sisters flee. We find a slaymate undead and bring it along. We then destroy the birdcage. Notes and papers from sisters about whom the tortured are found in the search. Including randolph.

We then take him back to the boat with Randolph so he can teleport the babies/teens to safety. The slaymate adopts the Archivist and Cercei as its dad and mom.
Crusade Part 3

The mage is raised and dungeon is cleared out of its remaining minor denizens. The treasure is gathered and prepared for sale. We discover the process for making a shadow pearl. We also discover a journal that indicates that the crimson fleet is distributing 33 shadow pearls throughout the world. The journal is throgriff’s.

After two weeks we return to farpoint to find it recovering from attack. Vathis had returned as a death knight to try and take farpoint from Lavinia. Vathis is with the crimson fleet. He was supposedly killed in an attack but recently returned with shadows and ghouls. Lavinia was taken in the attack, 3-4 days earlier. Scuttle cove is a possible location she is at.

We gather our scrolls and items and then take a trip to scuttle cove. It takes twelve days journey and the mage crafts a staff. Scuttle cove is an evil city with assorted groups that are vying for control of scuttle cove. The protectorate exists in scuttle cove to help good people. The archivist gets a dream from randolph that the other three were captured. The city is far more evil than estimated.

Randolph cannot see. Lavinia is on a moving ship. The troll was dismembered in the arena. The kobold I cannot see. Lavinia is in a cage above lava, the death knight is brooding with dark shadows around him.

We sneak into the city and visit a brothel looking for Randolph. We mess around but gather little information. We then head to the center square and get the troll down from his hanging spot. We cannot rez him. We watch some arena games and realize Ted will be on the card soon. We ask around and find a spot to buy Ted. The next day while scouting the slave market we buy 18 babies, two of whom are elven. We bring them back and build a secure shelter for them. We then buy 4 teenage girls to take care of the babies.

We then go to the violated ogre and meet a dancy who sells us ted for 45k. We pay him 22k and then go back to the docks to pick him up and pay him the rest. We verify it is Ted, but then discover we have been tricked by Leech and the yaun ti slavery consortium. Ted becomes a succubus and assassins try and quickly dispatch some of our party. Leech emerges shortly after. After getting ensorceled Leech runs away and his assassins flee with him. We start to pursue.

Treasure and EP
Woo hoo!

11th – 13200
12th – 10600
13th – 7800
14th – 6183

Stuff -

2 bashing light wooden shield, +2 flaming burst macuahuitl, +1 composite long bow (5 str), Belt of Giant str +4, Bracers of armor +4, amulet of natural armor +2
Pipes of pain, 6 potion of cure serious wounds, +3 studded leather armor x6, +2 human bane dagger, A Sun Blade, A Trident of Fish Command,

Stone tablets with a history of Thanaclan – x12 500 gpe

These items x3
+1 dagger, +2 cloak of charisma, +2 ring of protection

Cold hard Cash
3500 gp, 500 pp,

Gems and such
Shards of obsidian 10 gpe x55
Amethysts 100 gpe x2
Golden bowls 200 gpe x6
Goblets shaped like skulls, black opals inset 150 gpe x4
Bronze mask – 1100 gp
Golden ritual scepter with a moon shaped sapphire 1500 gp
Ruby fish x2 1500 gpe
Masterwork Alchemist lab
One black pearl the size of a large grapefruit – 20000 gp

Crusade Part Two

14 days- we return to rez our rogue friend.

Going back to taboo island, we fly over and once again are attacked this time by a huge crocodile. Cercai was dragged under by the gator but was able to hold her breath long enough through the battle. The crocodile was eventually disingrated.

The docks were then assaulted by spells coming from the walls facing the lake. The archivist dispelled the symbol of death in the hallway on the ground, and we were able to proceed. Getting further into the temple, we continued to fight skinwalkers, a ranger skinwalker and two sorcerers. After defeating them we went deeper into the dungeon, and fought some outsiders in the murk. After the fight, one fled even further down. The paladin and the dragonborn pursued, while the casters started to heal and rest.

The casters were en route when we ended for the night.

Same day

The paladin and fighter flee and the rogue meet us in the water laden hallway while we rest. We move on to a cavern of mud and boiling water bridged by calcium deposit bridges. We are attacked by hostile kopru who charm our archer, Batiste. The kopru are defeated and a male aspect of demigorgon casts spells through a projection at the party. Only two PCs of six know he is a projection and continue wailing on him.

Eventually the PCs get by the illusion, though it takes a great deal of time. The paladin and mage get by and warn the party of the illusion but to no avail. The mage is weakened significantly before the fight. There is a long fight, much of the party has trouble reaching the aspect of demigorgon, or is taken out of the fight early. Fear and confusion also have their negative effects on the party. Eventually the aspect is weakened, but the mage loses his life in the fight during the long battle. The aspect leaves promising to return to get his revenge.
Four minutes later the aspect returned. This time the party was ready, choosing to fight in an enclosed water filled room. Many party members were brought into unconsciousness a number of times, but managed to keep everyone alive, throughout the fight. Ashen when running away managed to find a bow in another room, sealed in a glass case, openable by an object similar in size to the stone of the sun and moon. The aspect is defeated and an image of demigorgon appears in the smoke and eyes the party menacingly.

Upon defeat of the aspect, Kabal is raised and the island is free of the demonic influence that has corrupted it for so long. The curse of taboo island was lifted. Gorhan has prevailed.

The Crusade Part One

Crusade to the isle of dread:

Circei and myself arrive at the port of Farshore to seek out the companions who built that city and who explored the isle of dread. Meet a librarian, a cat archer, a necromancer, a “scout” and a warrior of bahamut who graciously allow us to accompany them. As we get back to the inn, the city is set upon by the vicscious and malevolent kopru who quickly are dispatched by the assorted adventurers in the city. There is much discussion as to how to handle this dangerous threat, but no easy solution can be agreed upon.

A follower of Gorhan, a lizardman, then comes out of the jungle to inform us that one of our brothers is possibly missing and tells us a tale:

Noltus of Gorhan went to speak to a village about the wisdom of Gorhan. The village quite possibly was wiped out from heathens and demons coming from the city of idols. He gives us the stone of the sun of the moon may be the key to cleansing the evil in the city. We prepare to go from farshore to investigate the incursion. After five days travel, the friendly tribes let us out of the wall.

14 days out- attacked by two barlugas and two vrocks. Cercei is teleported away and defeats two of them on her own. Shouted Circea and was rudely rebuked by the vassal of bahamut who did not appreciate my zealous behavior in trying to locate my friend. The next day the vassal of bahamut casts a helping hand that guides Cercei back to us.

We meet up with Cersac and his lizardman followers after two more weeks. They are five miles from village of Mitaru, and are waiting for Noltus to return. Two skinwalkers attack which are followed up by 5 people pretending to be Noltus and his followers but are skin walkers in disguise. They kill the trumpet archon and almost kill Tryst. Noltus and his followers have become skinwalkers. We bury our friends and Noltus in the traditions of Gorhan and Bahamut, respectively. The librarian is also cursed by Gorhan as he tried to cast a protective spell, but was interrupted.

When we get to Mitaru we see it is being guarded by winged serpents. They say the village was slaughtered and some captors were taken and the chief. The chief is properly interred when a riddle is solved. The serpents also inform us of a horrible watery demon with bulbous eyes (wastreleth) was watching from the water. Kopru also are in the city of broken idols. The winged serpents graciously remove the curse from our librarian friend and we rest.

We all fly to the island to hopefully avoid the evil in the water. We do not succeed. We are beset upon by the wastreleth at the dock who uses a projected image to cast his spells at range in a most devious, evil manner. We eventually discover the field’s true location and send him back to the netherworld, however not before he slays one of our companions, Ashen. We start back home to bring him back to us to assist us, as he fought nobly.

Welcome Back -
What has gone before...

Olman myth tells of a terrible earthquake, of a time when the Fangs of Zotzilaha opened and lit the sky on fire. A time when the Gods wrath cast down their ancestors from their lofty peaks. All that remained were the ruins of a once-great city and a scattering of tribes. The truth of what brought down the ancient Olman Empire is much different. In the weeks before the fall, their civilization was at the height of its glory. Its people had settled a wild frontier, survived a terrible war against the aboleths of the alien city of Golismorga, and constructed an incredible city atop the central plateau. As the Olmens finished construction of a great temple to honor the gods, the koprus of the islands depths took action. For four decades, the koprus toiled in their subterranean lair, cultivating and nurturing the largest black pearl the world had ever seen birthed from a fiendish giant oyster and poisoned with vile magic and liquid harvested from the ruined aboleth city, the korpurs placed this first shadow pearl where the Olmans would find it. Before long, the irresistible beauty of the shadow pearl was ensconced within the Great Temple, and it’s fell influence begin to surface. The religious leaders of Thanaclan grew wrathful and cruel, and powerful storms began to lash the island. At the height of a great typhoon, one of Thanaclan’s leaders woke from his fugue and realized that evil had come to Thanaclan. He came to the chamber of the Great One, where the shadow pearl was on display, and smashed it to fragments, intending to break it’s curse forever. As the pearl cracked, it unleashed the first and greatest savage tide. Many perished that first night, and in a matter of months the Kingdom of Thanaclan had all but vanished from the world, replaced by a prehistoric land destined to become the Isle of Dread.


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