Vanthus Vanderborn


Male lemorian rogue/fighter/tempest CE medium outsider (native)


Lavinia’s brother, separated after a childhood incident with a potion of love went awry; he was sent to live with his uncle, away from his sister. After the uncle’s (an ex-adventurer with all sorts of unknown and magical trinkets) manor house was consumed in a magical fire that killed everyone home except for Vanthus he was forced to wander, living the life of a freebooter on the shores outside of Sasserine.

He obviously used this time to his advantage as it was with the pirate origination The Crimson Fleet that he showed up to Farpoint – in an aborted attempt to kidnap his sister. Vanthus has gone through some obvious changes as he seemed to have demonic blood flowing though him. He was a lemorian fiend.

Vanthus was killed on the deck of the Crimson Fleets ship that was leading the attack.

Vanthus Vanderborn

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