Metista Treeclaw

A laid-back catfolk archer who dreams of impossible shots while napping above it all.


Name: Metista Treeclaw
Player: Oskar
Classes: Fighter – 8, Ranger – 2, Order of the Bow Initiate – 4,
Totemic Demonslayer – 1
Total Level: 15
Race: Catfolk
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: Quetzalcoatl
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Height: 5’5"
Weight: Weight: 145 lb.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Tan fur over entire body, several inches longer on head

Attributes: Str 20 {24} (7), Dex 26 {30} (10), Con 14 (2), Int 13 (1), Wis 9 {13} (1), Cha 12 (1)

Saves: Fort 19, Ref 23, Will 12
Hit Points: 113 (8d10+6d8)
Speed: 40’
AC: 26
Touch: 21
Flat Footed: 17
Initiative: 10
BAB: +15/
10/+5 (-1, Legacy Weapon)
Grapple: +21

Skills: Appraise 2, Balance 11, Bluff 2, Climb 15, Concentration 3, Craft (Bowmaking) 7, Diplomacy 2, Disguise 2, Escape Artist 11, Gather Information 2, Heal 2, Hide 11, Intimidate 2, Jump 15, Knowledge (Nature) 10, Knowledge (Religion) 4, Knowledge (The Planes) 6, Listen 6, Move Silently 15, Ride 11, Search 2, Sense Motive 2, Spot 20, Survival 6, Swim 18, Tumble 15, Use Rope 11

Languages: Common, Draconic, Feline

Skill Tricks: Clarity of Vision – Swift Action, DC 20 Spot check to notice invisible enemies for 1 round

Racial/Class Abilities: Low-Light Vision, Proficient with all armor, shields, and simple & martial weapons, Ranged Precision Attack (standard action, 1 ranged attack, 30’ extra 2d8 precision damage), Close Combat Shot (Can attack with a ranged weapon without provoking attacks of opportunity), Favored Enemy (Outsider[evil] +4), Spiritual Connection (Speak with Animals/Plants, as spells, 3/day), Lesser Totem Tatoo (Badger – Rage as a barbarian once per day)

Feats: Point Black Shot (PH 98), Precise Shot (PH 98), Rapid Shot (PH 99), Weapon Focus: Longbow, Composite (PH 102), Far Shot (PH 94), Weapon Specialization: Longbow, Composite (PH 102), Improved Critical (PH 95), Manyshot(PH 97), Greater Weapon Focus: Longbow, Composite (PH 95), Improved Rapid Shot (CW 101), Ranged Weapon Mastery: Piercing (PH2 82), Woodland Archer (RW 154), Track (PH 101), Least Legacy (WoL 14), Improved Favored Enemy (CW 101)

Weapons: Legacy Weapon – 2 Shock Composite Longbow [5] (18,900 + X), +1 Keen Dagger (8,305)

Armor: +3 Leafweave Padded Armor (9,905)

Magic Equipment: Ring of Protection +2 (8,000), Ring of Swimming (2,500), Gloves of Dexterity +4 & Strength +4 (40,000), Bracers of Archery, Greater (25,000), Cloak of Resistance +4 (16,000), Periapt of Wisdom +4 (16,000), Belt of Ultimate Athleticism (3,600), Boots of Speed (12,000), Quiver of Ehlonna (60 arrows, 60 cold iron arrows, 30 alchemical silver arrows, 8 adamantine arrows, 22 cold iron arrows) (1,800), 2 Immovable Rods (10,000), Stone of Good Luck (20,000)

Other Equipment/Goods: Explorer’s Outfit, Backpack, Climber’s Kit, Rope (Silk, 50’), Rations (5 days), Soap, Mug, Bell, Chalk, 20 Tindertwigs, Cold Weather Gear, Hammock, Courtier’s Outfit (+2 to Diplomacy), 240 additional arrows (120 standard, 60 piercing/slashing, 60 cold iron), Materials for Lesser Legacy, Ruby Fish (1,500), 1335 gp 8 sp 8 cp


So Shawna says I should write my story down in case worst comes to worst and something out there swallows my soul or something like that. She’s kinda morbid sometimes, but then again I suppose dying tends to do that to most people.

I grew up in a village on the plains, never in the same place more than a few days, and usually just skirting around any forests. We made our living hunting animals on the open, but I was always more concerned about my archery than anyone else my age. It wasn’t about trying to take down an animal faster, and thus more kindly, though that’s nice. It wasn’t about getting praised by my tribe either, as much as anyone would enjoy it. It wasn’t about those nights I’d spend practicing under moonlight, but sometimes when after a hundred tries I finally hit a target, it felt like I was getting close.

After years of knowing I was ready for the responsibility, I was put on the front lines during one of our long treks, trailing behind the rest of the group as we made our way to the summer grounds. I was only a little bit off the path, getting a drink of water, when a troll walked into the opening. There was a stare-off; neither of us made a move of any kind. Finally, I said “Hello.”

Gnarlbeck the troll hadn’t had much experience being talked to be his lunch, and in the confusion I managed to offer him my prized possession, my grandfather’s ring, to tide his hunger. I’d forgotten it took a while for the ring to kick in, and after renegotiating I promised to help the troll hunt until it did. However, in those days we wandered blindly through the deep woods, I completely lost track of my tribe.

I don’t hold any hard feelings against Gnarlbeck, though. After he lost his hunger, he was a new person, and discovered he really cared about others. With tears in his eyes, he gave my his weight set, two immovable rods, and when I told them he could still use them when I wasn’t I think he did a little. It’s hard to tell crying from sweating with trolls.

We were ambushed by a group of gnolls several days later, and were rescued by Mal. I’d never seen a kobold before, and with her wings and wizard spells I thought she was a dragon, as did Gnarlbeck. She didn’t do much to convince us otherwise, but she’s always good for a laugh, or at least a senseless act of randomness now and again. And again. It was her idea to head to a nearby fortress to earn some fame and fortune, and it’s there that I met Tristan, Shawna, Ted, Randolph, Bob, Max, the dwarves, and all sorts of other people.

This is the life I was meant to live! Finding keys to spinning lock traps, catching your friends as them fall several dozen feet, watching those same friends turn into vampires and try to kill you later that same day, or being shrunk down to an inch tall and having to climb a building several feet high so you can shoot the jerk riding a gigantic snapping turtle into a town a princess has asked you to save, there’s always something exciting happening!

This last place we’ve ended up, the Isle of Dread, is even nuttier than all the other places I’ve seen. We fought a kraken when we showed up here, and he hasn’t left us alone since! He’s taught me a lot about what it means to hate someone, though. This island has taught me a lot of things, like how dangerous unchecked evil can be, how to talk to a Tyrannosaurus (answer: kill it, bury it up to its neck in sand, raise dead, and use the minute or two you have), or how powerful ordinary people can be when they stick together to protect the place they call home.

Normally I hate cities, but right now this place is so firmly entrenched in the wildest place I’ve ever seen, every night is like camping right on the edge of those once distant forests. The smells are all here, the people of the island remind me of my own family so much. I want to protect them, and I’m not going to let some lizard or two-headed monkey get in my way.

These are some of my prized possession:
1 – Belt – A gift from my brothers and sisters for my 17th birthday, to “make up” for all the physical training I’d neglected in favor of mastering the bow.
2 – Bell – My great-grandmother’s good luck charm, sometimes I use it to practice being sneaky.
3 – Immovable Rods – Gnarlbeck gave these to me in place of my father’s ring. They’ve proven invaluable, and I’m so happy with how he’s blossomed since he lost his monsterous appetite.
4 – Hammock – I spent a few weeks making this myself. It’s specially designed to work with the rods. _
5 – Mug – I snuck this out of the pub the dwarves ran out of the fort that used to be our HQ. I plan to give it back whenever we can get back there, honest.
6 – Scarf – It’s so soft and warm, and I think the little tear it got when I cought Ted from the biggest fall I’ve seen anyone ever take gives it some character.
7 – Ribbons – I use these to keep the hair of my eyes. My mother and sisters made of ton of them, but I keep good track of them now.
8 – Leaf guide – One of the natives helped me put together kind of a pressed leaf mini-book as a cheat sheet while I try to memorize the local plants.
9 – Arrow, piercing an arrow, which itself is piercing another arrow – I still get a big grin when I look at this. I’ve managed pull it off again, but I still haven’t pulled off a stack of four yet.
10 – Half a fly, encased in wax – I got this sucker from ten paces away when I was just 10. My sisters all thought it was gross, my brothers were all jealous (though they wouldn’t admit it).
11 – Bag of assorted monsterous fangs – I’m thinking about making a necklace once I get enough of these, but I only use the ones that people who know better assure aren’t evil or dangerous or something.
12 – Bowyer’s tools – My grandfather made these for me for my 12th birthday. Nothing fancy, but it’s good to know I won’t ever be without a weapon for too long.
13 – Ruby fish – From the City of Broken Idols. So cool, and so lifelike, it’s hard to resist taking a lick and and again. (Sadly, it’s kinda yucky. Maybe Mal can magic it to taste like raspberries.)
14 – Legacy Bow – Three gods worked together to make this! Because of how much they hate demons! I hate demons too, what are the odds?
15 – (Looking for a souvenir from my first trip to another plane, maybe the forests of Divided’s Ire will have something interesting.)

Metista Treeclaw

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