Lavinia Vanderborn


A wealthy noble woman Lavinia inherited her wealth from her parents. Using an old journal from her mother’s adventuring days she has hit upon the idea of establishing a trade route out of and to the old Isle of Dread. Long a favorite spot for adventures she has read her mother’s tales of the mineral deposits and spices and believes that, coupled with a regular ride for adventuring types to the famous island, both might be lucrative.

With her mother being an adventure herself it was only natural the she turn to adventures to provide extra muscle for the sea voyage. Her ship The Blue Nixe left port with a second ship, The Sea Wyvern, and both laden with supplies headed for the mighty isle. With only minor, much to it’s annoyance, kraken trouble and a small shipwreck both ships made it to the village of Farpoint.

Her brother, whom she now suspects of murdering her uncle, lead a group of pirates called the Crimson Fleet, a terror all along the coast of the mainland, to Farpoint in an attempt to destroy Farpoint and kidnap his sister whom he reviled an unhealthy attraction for during the battle. This attack was repulsed by the now protectors of Farpoint and Vanthus didn’t survive.

Lavinia is attractive and friendly. A capable administrator her dream of Farpoint as a city drives her and should be well within reach if the current trouble can be handled. She considers the adventures her good friends and believes that they have a stake in Farpoint as much as her.

Lavinia Vanderborn

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