A crusading wizard on a mission to purge the Isle of Dread and colonize it in the name of Gorhan


9th level Wizard 7th level Initiate of the
Sevenfold Veil- Human
Chaotic Good

Str- 10 Dex – 17 Con- 14 Wis- 16 Int- 20 (24) Cha- 14

HP- 77 Fort 7 (12)
BAB- 5 Will 14 (19)
AC- 13 (17) Ref 8 (13)

Feats/Special Abilities-
Spells Usable per day- 1st- 6 2nd- 5 3rd- 5 4th- 5 5th- 4 6th- 3 7th-2
Skill Focus (Spellcraft)
Spell Focus (Abjuration)
Greater Spell Focus (Abjuration)
Improved Familiar
Empower Spell
Sudden Empower
Spell Penetration
Scribe Scroll
Warding 2/day – Can create personal 1min/level, area 1min/level and wall-10min/level, concealment.
Unanswerable Strike- +2 to dispel abjuration spells
Unimpeachable Abjuration- +1 per level to resist dispelling spells

Veil (Red)- 20 Damage (Fire)(Reflexes-Half)-Blocks all nonmagical missiles and attacks
Veil (Orange)- 40 damage acid- Halts magical ranged attacks, except those that require no to hit.
Veil (Yellow) – 80 damage electric- Immunity to gases, clouds, poisons, petrification
Veil (Green)- Death or 1d6 con dmg. Immunity to Breath Weapons

Bluff 8 (10)
Concentration 13 (15)
Craft(Woodworking) 10 (17)
Knowledge (Arcana) 13 (20)
Profession 2 (9)
Spellcraft 13 (23)
Knowledge (Nature)4 (6)
Tumble 7 (10)

Magic Items:
Cloak of Resisance +5 (25,000)
Ring of Sustenance (2,500)
Ring of Feather Falling (2,200)
Boots of Levitation (7,500)
Headband of Intellect +4 (16,000)
Hewards Handy Haversack (2,000)
Dust of Disappearance (3) (10,500)
Blessed Book (Spellbook)
Pearl of Power (1st), Power (4th)
Dagger +1, Keen
Necklace of Natural Armor +2
Bronze Mask (1,100gp)
Holy Symbol of Gorhan
Artisan’s Tools (woodworking)
2 weeks iron rations
Waterskin (2)
Flint steel
Alchemists Fire (4)
Holy Water (4)
Spell Component Pouch
Belt of Healing- 3/day 1 charge 2d8, 2 charge 3d8,
3 4d8
Ring of Protection +2
Cold Iron Arrow
1,500 gp ruby
Nobles Outfit

Scroll of 3 arcane spells (worth 4975 gp)
repel vermin (level 4, worth 1000 gp)

Scroll of 4 arcane spells (worth 2900 gp)
hallucinatory terrain (level 4, worth 700 gp)

Scroll of 2 arcane spells (worth 3925 gp)

Tryst- Familiar-(Coure)-12hd, HP- 32 , AC- 23, Fly- 60ft, Alternate Form, Reduction 10/Evil and Magic, Darkvision 60’, Resistance to Acid and Cold 10, Magic Circle against Evil, Tongues, Immune to Electricity and Petrification

Init-+7 Fort- 12 Ref- 13 Will- 18
Attack- Tiny Dagger- 1d2-1 Full (2), +11 to hit

Skills- Concentration 12, Diplomacy- +9, Knowledge (Planes) +6, Listen- +5, Sense Motive-5, Spot- +5, Escape Artist +6, Hide +24, Move Silently- +16, Use Rope- +7

Spell Abilities- (Caster level 3rd)-
At will- Dancing Lights, Detect Evil, Detect Magic, Faerie Fire 3/day- Magic Missile, Sleep DC-13, Caster level 5

Alertness (master/familiar), Empathic Link, Deliver Touch Spells, Improved Evasion, Share Spells, Speak with master

Alternate Form- Incorporeal, Immune to any non magical weapons, 50% vs all ghost or magic, can go through walls, ground, shed light up to 30 feet, no move silently-100% quiet

Hewards Handy Haversack (2,000)
Hand of the Mage (900)
Bag of Tricks (Rust)
Cure Moderate Wounds Potions (9)

0- Stick, Mending, Prestitigitation, Detect, Read Magic.
1st- Magic Missile, Identify, Ray of Enfeeblement, Benign Transposition
2nd- False Life-, Mirror Image, Rope Trick, Scorching Ray,
3rd- Mage Armor, Greater, Fireball, Fly, Bands of Steel, Manyjaws, Invisibility Sphere
4th- Stoneskin, Assay Spell Resistance, Black Tentacles, Ruin Delver’s Fortune, Secure Shelter, Scrying, Hallucinatory Terrain
5th- Contingent Energy Resistance, Dimension Door, Greater, Fabricate, Indomitability, Feeblemind
6th- Contingency, Disintigrate, Stone Body, Mislead, Hardening, Wall of Iron, Analyze Dwemor
7th- Spell Turning, Greater Teleport, Prismatic Spray, Plane Shift


Kabal’s hails from a wealthy warrior family in the city of Archbridge. Originally named Rodrick Rowe he had 10 brothers and eight sisters. The Rowe family were a martial family of capable men and women in the Sable March. Their home was adorned with regalia from centuries of heroic deeds and noble acts. Kabal was destined for a different path.

Unlike most of his kin he was born small and light of frame and was knocked around in the family sparring dens by his stronger and more capable brothers. When he failed to get into the Sable March youth training academy, Kabal was shamed by his family and was told to join the army and “swill beer and carry a spear.” Kabal showed talent in other forms however. He was adept with his hands and had a remarkable memory for detail. When he was of age, he
left his home and took sanctuary in a temple of Gorhan in the city.

Rodrick’s family was infuriated when they found out one of their own fled the noble traditions of family Rowe. Labeling him as a coward they removed his symbol from the family memorial in their house and cast it in the mud outside. Picking it up, he fled the city. He became somone new with no ties to the family that raised him and took up the name Kabal. Taking residence in a temple of Gorhan in Blihai, Rodrick swore an oath of fealty and gradually started to learn the art of sorcery.

Rodrick became an adventurer in time, clearing away evils that periodically harassed the kingdom. He chaged his voice so he would never be recognized by his family and in time met a paladin named Cercai who also was beholden to Gorhan. They were part of an elite force of adventurers assigned by the temple to deal with some of the world’s gravest threats. Eventually this adventuring group broke up as some retired or perished, still Cercai and Kabal continued to do the temple’s bidding. In reward for his service Kabal was rewarded with a special familiar to assist him in his efforts. Tryst then became part of the trio.

The temple of Gorhan then learned of a terrible evil to the south. Kabal and Cercai were sent to make contact with the adventurers who had made contact with that evil and offer their services in any way possible in eradicating that evil.

Kabal’s motives are a combination of petty jealousy and noble pride. He wants to outshine his brothers and sisters and prove he belongs on that memorial. The only way to do that he feels is to defeat the most evil abomination afoot.


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