The purple troll with socialist leanings, and thus has no trouble lending you the arm off his shoulder.


LA +5 Troll 6/Fighter 1

Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Spiked Chain (PH 94), Combat Reflexes (PH 92), Combat Expertise (PH 92), Improved Trip (PH 96)


His distinctively violet appearance is the result of an incident with a Rod of Wonder. When not found helping out with new construction, carting away debris, or clearing lumber with an adamantine spiked chain, this giant can be found working out using immovable rods for resistance, or discussing labor systems with any who will listen. Gnarlbeck has a habit of contributing his food budget (which would be substantial if not for his precious ring of regeneration) toward cheaper/higher quality drinks at the tavern for all to enjoy.


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