Isle of Dread

Treasure and EP

Woo hoo!

11th – 13200
12th – 10600
13th – 7800
14th – 6183

Stuff -

2 bashing light wooden shield, +2 flaming burst macuahuitl, +1 composite long bow (5 str), Belt of Giant str +4, Bracers of armor +4, amulet of natural armor +2
Pipes of pain, 6 potion of cure serious wounds, +3 studded leather armor x6, +2 human bane dagger, A Sun Blade, A Trident of Fish Command,

Stone tablets with a history of Thanaclan – x12 500 gpe

These items x3
+1 dagger, +2 cloak of charisma, +2 ring of protection

Cold hard Cash
3500 gp, 500 pp,

Gems and such
Shards of obsidian 10 gpe x55
Amethysts 100 gpe x2
Golden bowls 200 gpe x6
Goblets shaped like skulls, black opals inset 150 gpe x4
Bronze mask – 1100 gp
Golden ritual scepter with a moon shaped sapphire 1500 gp
Ruby fish x2 1500 gpe
Masterwork Alchemist lab
One black pearl the size of a large grapefruit – 20000 gp



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