Isle of Dread

Crusade Part Two

14 days- we return to rez our rogue friend.

Going back to taboo island, we fly over and once again are attacked this time by a huge crocodile. Cercai was dragged under by the gator but was able to hold her breath long enough through the battle. The crocodile was eventually disingrated.

The docks were then assaulted by spells coming from the walls facing the lake. The archivist dispelled the symbol of death in the hallway on the ground, and we were able to proceed. Getting further into the temple, we continued to fight skinwalkers, a ranger skinwalker and two sorcerers. After defeating them we went deeper into the dungeon, and fought some outsiders in the murk. After the fight, one fled even further down. The paladin and the dragonborn pursued, while the casters started to heal and rest.

The casters were en route when we ended for the night.

Same day

The paladin and fighter flee and the rogue meet us in the water laden hallway while we rest. We move on to a cavern of mud and boiling water bridged by calcium deposit bridges. We are attacked by hostile kopru who charm our archer, Batiste. The kopru are defeated and a male aspect of demigorgon casts spells through a projection at the party. Only two PCs of six know he is a projection and continue wailing on him.

Eventually the PCs get by the illusion, though it takes a great deal of time. The paladin and mage get by and warn the party of the illusion but to no avail. The mage is weakened significantly before the fight. There is a long fight, much of the party has trouble reaching the aspect of demigorgon, or is taken out of the fight early. Fear and confusion also have their negative effects on the party. Eventually the aspect is weakened, but the mage loses his life in the fight during the long battle. The aspect leaves promising to return to get his revenge.
Four minutes later the aspect returned. This time the party was ready, choosing to fight in an enclosed water filled room. Many party members were brought into unconsciousness a number of times, but managed to keep everyone alive, throughout the fight. Ashen when running away managed to find a bow in another room, sealed in a glass case, openable by an object similar in size to the stone of the sun and moon. The aspect is defeated and an image of demigorgon appears in the smoke and eyes the party menacingly.

Upon defeat of the aspect, Kabal is raised and the island is free of the demonic influence that has corrupted it for so long. The curse of taboo island was lifted. Gorhan has prevailed.



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