Isle of Dread

Crusade Part 6

We find out that the pearls have already been dispatched and are avaiting the savage tide. As we divide the treasure we discover a deck of many things. The rogue gets the void card and his soul.

We find there is a device to disable the pearls in wat dagon. Is there a device to locate the shadowpearls- no. The Fop is in scuttle cove. How many days until the next savage tide- unknown. The location of the nearest shadow pearls- scuttle cove. We know the heading in the sea of the abyss to ooglog who holds Matt.

We prepare to go to the abyss to get the rogue back. We find the ooglog sailing on a massive blood clot. Matt is in a gem around his neck. Upon recovering him we then interrogate a spy for orcus who was caged on the bloodclot. We let her go and she indicates that the prison is probably where she is kept. She was not able to give us much else, as she did not go very far into demigorgon’s lair. We also get a map as a result of a limited wish cast by myself.

When we arrive at the prison, we execute a successful plan to break in, climbing in over the back wall and coming in from the side of the island with a cloud of ash from the volcano. We make our way to where we suspect Lavinia is going to be kept.

There we meet baalsamoth with whom we bargain our friends freedom in exchange for bringing him shahara. We then go to where Lavinia is held. From there we bargain with lillianith for the right to get lavinia back. She allows us to get our friend back if we kill the other wardens which include:

Baalsamoth- Shator Daemondand- Fiend Folio
Cuugulblax- Glabrazeu- MM
Shashara- Kevlazu mm2 page 60
Vathis- Death Knight- mm2 p 36, Lemorax
and a bullywug lich are those we have to kill.

We then kill Baalsamoth in a large difficult fight. During the fight, shashara shows up and tries to kill one our own as we fight him. We then prepare to go after shashara. After we buff we go to the fallen angel’s (surheya) lair.

We then encounter surheya and his trumpet archon companions who are filled with a cynical woe. The trumpet archons take us to their master who tries to convince us the folly of our path after some conversation, good overcomes him and he offers himself to be slain. We delay and a brief fight ensues. He is mazed and when he comes back the librarian casts holy aura which clears his mind enough for us to let him be slain. We still have his feather after he is cast into oblivion.

We then go after shashara, We encounter a pillar and the archer’s face gets ripped off. We then make it to shashara’s lair. We fight 10 vrocks , shas and a demigorgon contstruct. She flees but not before the archer kills her with an arrow to the heart. We then return to our refuge and raise our rogue.

After some rest we decide the lich should be our next victim. When we go to attack him we start talking and he starts to make us reconsider our decision. After a long conversation we refocus our efforts on the glabrazu in the prison.

When we arrive he is ready. He stalls us with his minions while he sets random prisoners free.
One of the first he sets free is a balor. The balor chases the glabrazu. The battle starts to not go our way, so Kabal opts to seal the balor and glabrazu into the prison to fight it out. We go to rest up and come back. When we get back the lich and the marilith decide to join us.

When we arrive back at the prison an indentation has been left in the wall of iron of the glabrazu. We are able to quickly dispatch the balor with the marilith’s help and strategic use of a few maze spells. We then prepare to move to our next target vathis.



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