Isle of Dread

Crusade Part 5

We plan to rescue Ted from the arena. We gather forces and go in invisibly. After being detected we engage the yuanti at first from the approaching side of the gate. He is being mind controlled by the yaun ti. We fight a great deal of yaunti, who gradually release assorted monsters as the battle progresses, etc who are trapped in the middle of the room. The fighters eventually get to the entryway where we seal off ted, incapacitate him and depart.

We then head out to save lavinia from gaping maw in the abyss. First, we need to find the pearls and get information as to where the fleet is deployed. We boat to lthe HQ of the crimson fleet and prepare for an assault. Before us we see a village of boats suspended in the trees.

The pirate hideaway is a vile nest of villiany. Tristan conjures a huge storm to provide cover for us as we approach. Upon entering the complex we encounter a group of demons, one of whom teleports our rogue to the top of the tower of ships that dominates the center of the complex. He deftly avoids contact and starts tumbling down the tower dodgins harpies, demons and creatures on the way down.

Meanwhile our archivist, suspicious of where Ashen has gone, flies to the tower. There an abomination casts blasphemy and Tristan is rendered paralyzed. The rest of the group approaches the tower in the meanwhile and is set upon by the pirates in the hideout. Ashen continues to make enemies as he goes down the tower and by he ime he comes close to the bottom starts fighting a retreiver. Confused by the harpies, he is forced to fight the beast. The rest of the group is fighting demon captains, pirates and others.

Jason is eventually transported to the top of the tower by Bob to engage the large abomination. Bob is forced to retreat from its onslaught, while Jason continues to take it on. For a number of rounds the battle continues. A large beholder like creature gradually approaches through the water, and our forces start to feel the press of raw numbers. Yuan ti slavers, assassins, higher demonkind and more pirates join the fray.

Our group thins them out with crowd control, well timed cleaves and arrows while Jason and Ashen continue to hold out. The beholder arrives and blinds a large area, mostly blinding his friends. Ted, who slowly has been climbing up to assist Ashen in the tower has to chase a retriver up ramps who has Ashen in his maw. Matista and Randolph port into the middle of the tower to assist on the retriver and the cold captain. Kabal dimension doors up to the top to help Jason with the abomination. The abomination is worn down on Kabal’s damage shield while Ted and Matista take down the retreiver. Cercai starts trying to come to the tower, but is cutoff by a twelve armed demon bent on taking her out. Kabal pulls her up to the level of the captain with a teleport spell.

The captain is then engaged. He flies to the top level of the tower and attacks metista, downing him fast. The group engages him but he also takes out Cercai. Tristram then comes out of his paralysis and starts healing. The captain flees to his refuge, drinking a potion and getting help from another demon hidden for much of the battle. The group low on magic and healing chases the captain to the deck of his hold and finish him off, then goes into the hold and barely kills the demon. We then prepare to locate information and restore our friends.



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