Isle of Dread

Crusade Part 4

We kill the leech and his assasins after a long fight. We do not find Ted however we get our gold back. We find a good number of items and kraken porn. We go back to the violated ogre and look for the dandy (Archibald) who took a portion of our money. We ask Borsh, the owner of the inn after some discussion. We get little information as Borsh does not know. We find out information about Kedward Bone, a mage in town that can help.

We choose to go to Tyrlandia to get information and spells. We present her with the kraken porn and she is amenable to giving us some information. She lets us know that the coil perhaps took our friends when they sought refuge at the Leech’s den. She says she has no love lost for the snakes. The paladin enters into a pact with Tyrlandia in exchange for information of sisters of lamentation. The birdcage are where the sisters are, and it may be advantageous. A
letter to representative at the consortium named Basil, introductory letter to fightmaster given to us. She gives us contact name to protectorate as well Rusty Shunt- Lars Lancaster.

We then go to the Rusty Shunt to meet the Protectorate. We are told to come back in five hours, then someone will talk to us. From there we see the sisters, three harpies who control a bordello. Our friend randolph is captured here in a cage. We pick a fight with the harpies and dispose of two of them. The remaining sisters flee. We find a slaymate undead and bring it along. We then destroy the birdcage. Notes and papers from sisters about whom the tortured are found in the search. Including randolph.

We then take him back to the boat with Randolph so he can teleport the babies/teens to safety. The slaymate adopts the Archivist and Cercei as its dad and mom.



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