Isle of Dread

Crusade Part 3

The mage is raised and dungeon is cleared out of its remaining minor denizens. The treasure is gathered and prepared for sale. We discover the process for making a shadow pearl. We also discover a journal that indicates that the crimson fleet is distributing 33 shadow pearls throughout the world. The journal is throgriff’s.

After two weeks we return to farpoint to find it recovering from attack. Vathis had returned as a death knight to try and take farpoint from Lavinia. Vathis is with the crimson fleet. He was supposedly killed in an attack but recently returned with shadows and ghouls. Lavinia was taken in the attack, 3-4 days earlier. Scuttle cove is a possible location she is at.

We gather our scrolls and items and then take a trip to scuttle cove. It takes twelve days journey and the mage crafts a staff. Scuttle cove is an evil city with assorted groups that are vying for control of scuttle cove. The protectorate exists in scuttle cove to help good people. The archivist gets a dream from randolph that the other three were captured. The city is far more evil than estimated.

Randolph cannot see. Lavinia is on a moving ship. The troll was dismembered in the arena. The kobold I cannot see. Lavinia is in a cage above lava, the death knight is brooding with dark shadows around him.

We sneak into the city and visit a brothel looking for Randolph. We mess around but gather little information. We then head to the center square and get the troll down from his hanging spot. We cannot rez him. We watch some arena games and realize Ted will be on the card soon. We ask around and find a spot to buy Ted. The next day while scouting the slave market we buy 18 babies, two of whom are elven. We bring them back and build a secure shelter for them. We then buy 4 teenage girls to take care of the babies.

We then go to the violated ogre and meet a dancy who sells us ted for 45k. We pay him 22k and then go back to the docks to pick him up and pay him the rest. We verify it is Ted, but then discover we have been tricked by Leech and the yaun ti slavery consortium. Ted becomes a succubus and assassins try and quickly dispatch some of our party. Leech emerges shortly after. After getting ensorceled Leech runs away and his assassins flee with him. We start to pursue.



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